Bondi Icebergs

Private Dining

Client: John Singleton Group

Location: Bondi, NSW, Australia

Size:  80 sq m / 860 sq ft

Type: Private Dining & Suite

When the New South Wales government ordered the demolition of the iconic Australian swimming club Icebergs in 2009, John Singleton Group rallied to resurrect the heritage rich institution intertwined within the fabric of Sydney’s cultural identity. Michelle Leslie Studio was then engaged to create a private dining room with the capacity to host both formal and informal gatherings of up to 8 people, drawing on the architectural language of the existing built environment while establishing a contextually lenient and enduring space to support the Club’s legacy.

The private dining space with fully integrated kitchen emerged with an interior design language mediating contemporary relevance and enduring craftsmanship. An elegant ambiance was imprinted through a curation of both tactile and austere materials which imbue a sense of refinement. The intent to create a space equally aligned to board meetings and social gatherings was manifested through minimal furniture to create heroism and spatial allusion, a high attention to detail, a preference for patinated surfaces heralding the mark of the maker to bring character and a dedication to lighting which becomes a vehicle for both functionality and aesthetics.

Aerial view of the iconic Bondi Icebergs' lap pool as ocean waves crash across the pools' edge.
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