Mokulua House


Mokulua House – Hawaii

Client: Private Client

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Type: Residential

Mokulua House, located on Lanikai Beach opposite Hawaii’s Mokulua Islands, is a celebration of rich Polynesian culture and the outstanding natural beauty of its surroundings. Craftsmanship and design innovation converge in the reorientation of an original 70-year-old beach house into a contemporary home that is resilient and sensorially evocative. Through a process blending renovation and rebuild, an existing 1960s dwelling was broken down to reveal a blank canvas then spatially rearranged to maximise openness and light. The new home has emerged with a future-focused relevance anchored by a strong Polynesian connection.

Upon entry, Mokulua House’s aspect becomes its compass point. A wall of glazed sliders occupies the homes entire front elevation bringing the sight, sounds and smell of the Pacific right into the home. The immediacy of the Pacific imparts a strong sense of place and activates the threshold between interior and exterior.

Mokulua House demonstrates highly refined carpentry skills, efficient use of space, and an antipodean curation of furniture, landscaping, lighting and styling reflective of both Australian and Hawaiian design. The home harnesses a design language that amplifies Polynesian culture and the ever-present ambiance of artisanal accents that distinguish all Michelle Leslie projects. Indigenous designs are integrated amongst natural stone and timber while hints of glamour are introduced to compliment and juxtapose the breathtaking panoramic views.

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