Residential Apartments

Client: Bonython Property & Investments

Location: Fredrick Point, NSW, Australia

Size: 40 Apartments

Type: Multi-Residential

Ravello is a 7-level multi-residential offering designed in collaboration with White + Dickson Architects. A jewel in Point Frederick’s crown, the striking form of the building sits within the intimate embrace of the coast and is largely informed by its magnificent waterfront vista. Michelle Leslie Studio has utilised design aesthetics and schematics to amplify the views across the water from this tightly held enclave on the Central Coast.

Neutral palette’s compliment without distracting from the magnificent exterior outlooks. Furniture is contemporary and oversized, inviting a moments respite and considerately oriented both outwards to the exterior, and inwards for social intimacy. Brushed bronze, oak, limestone and natural fibres balance and soften the strong geometry of the interior architecture and allow for subtle manipulations of light on the various surfaces bringing warmth and imbuing charm.

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